Homework Should Be Banned

An intense debate arises over a single question: should homework be banned? We are all used to homework-heavy education. It is almost perceived as a normal thing. Yet, are home assignments really the necessary part of the learning process? Research suggests that homework is not that effective as it seems. In some cases, it can even be counterproductive, leading to stress and chronic disengagement. Endless assignments bring nothing but anxiety. 

Students believe their learning experience can be way better without homework. Parents and educators also have their reasons. Homework should be banned, and this article will explain why. 


Why Homework Should Be Banned

The debate concerning the relevance of home assignments continues. A lot of people do not understand why we should not have homework. The general recommendation is to give 10 minutes of home tasks per grade. It does not seem like a long time. However, the 10-minute rule is ignored by most teachers and institutions. Students end up with tons of homework and often have to study at night. 

The only way to help them is to ban homework. The problem is enormous. It exists at all academic levels. Even elementary school students have to spend several hours a day to complete all their assignments, let alone high school or college students. 

Students whose school bans homework feel immediate improvements in their well-being. However, the number of such institutions is limited and far from being sufficient. Students, their parents, and a growing number of educators agree that homework should be banned and demand profound changes.

Only Facts! Why Homework Should Be Banned

Should homework be banned? Facts show that large amounts of home assignments affect students’ health and well-being. The growing body of research underlines the correlation between stress and anxiety levels and the homework load students get at school. This provides scientific evidence on why homework should be banned. A study published in the Journal of Experimental Education examined the impact of homework on non-academic aspects of student life. Here is what Galloway and colleagues have found: 

  • Only 6% of the surveyed students consider homework “very useful” for their learning; 

  • 72% of students said they felt continuously stressed because of homework; 

  • 56% of students recognized homework as the main stressor in their life;

  • 82% of students report at least one symptom of stress that affected their physical well-being;

  • The majority of students reported that they do not have enough time for anything but school.

A large homework load is a major factor that makes a lot of students quit non-academic activities. Banning homework can help students avoid developing health problems and have enough sleep. Thus, even though a lot of people have doubts that homework should be banned, facts prove that it is time to change the way to teach. 

Should Homework be Banned Pros and Cons

Should school ban homework? Let’s consider the advantages and disadvantages of homework. 


  1. Opportunities to practice. Homework allows consolidating what students have learned in the classroom. 

  2. Retention. Revision of learning materials can improve knowledge retention. 

  3. Increased parent involvement. Parents help their children with home assignments and take part in their academic progress. 


  1. No free time. The major reason to ban homework is to give students more leisure time. With the current homework load, students spend most of their day sitting at a desk. 

  2. Low-quality assignments. The majority of home tasks are repetitive and unproductive. They do not teach students anything new.

  3. Too much stress. Another reason why homework should be banned is to eliminate unnecessary stress. A lot of students report at least one physical symptom of stress. 

  4. Disengagement. Boring homework makes students less interested in learning.

  5. Increased screen time. As most schools switched to online education, students have to spend too much time in front of their computers or phones.

  6. Negative attitude towards school. Homework overload decreases student satisfaction. 

Now we can say a firm “yes” to our main question: should homework be banned? It is obvious that the drawbacks of homework outweigh its advantages.

Reasons Homework Should be Banned

The global educational community needs to understand that homework should be banned. Reasons to do this are diverse. They range from the need to reduce sedentary lifestyle to scientific evidence that proves that homework is not inherently beneficial. Here are the reasons why homework should be banned:

  • With a no-homework policy, students will have more time for hobbies and out-of-school activities. Students might even discover new talents and interests.

  • Among the reasons why homework should be banned from school is overload. Students get more assignments than they can handle. 

  • Having more “me time” and less school work promotes self-care and eliminates stress and anxiety. 

  • Instead of encouraging students to become life-long learners, homework destroys motivation and has a negative impact on academic performance.

  • One more reason for the homework ban is to help students change their attitude toward school. A heavy homework load makes them disengaged. Giving students enough time to relax and recharge can make them more enthusiastic about their education.

  • Banning homework can also help students establish a healthy sleep schedule and forget what an all-nighter is. 

  • School takes as many hours as a full-time job. It is impossible to require students to do another 3-4 hours of homework, maintaining focus and concentration.

So Why Should Homework Be Banned?

Our verdict is that homework should be banned. Facts are that students have an overwhelming homework load. It makes home assignments counterproductive as students become burned out and constantly stressed. Schoolwork brings them no joy and becomes a source of demotivation. Instead of the effectiveness and better grades, students lose sleep, drop out of non-academic activities, and do not even have enough time to spend with family and friends. All they want is no more homework. 

Considering all the arguments against homework, there is no use in continuing discussing the question “Should homework be banned?” The answer is obvious. We do not need pointless assignments that keep students up at night and ruin their health. The absence of homework can make them more meaningfully engaged during classes. This can increase the effectiveness of teaching and learning. Another reason why homework should be banned is to let students enjoy their school years. They will get more versatile development if they have enough time for social activities, hobbies, and sports. 

The role of schools is to foster a love for learning and encourage continuous improvement. Yet, large quantities of homework undermine all the efforts of educators to help people be happy and healthy. All these facts indicate that we should not have homework in our schools.