High School Life Experience

Many believe that going to college was the time when they had the most fun. But, if you think about this for a moment, it is easy to reconsider your beliefs. Not only is life high school no worse than college life, but it is actually even better!

Going through your high school years is the time when you are finally getting mature and gaining more control over your own life. But, at the same time, it doesn’t yet burden you with tons of adult responsibilities and challenges that you are going to face in college. 

Whether you are writing a high school essay about a student’s life or just wondering how to make your own experience even more unforgettable, this article will definitely give you some ideas. From this article, you will learn about the best high school things and extracurriculars that not only make this stage of your life more memorable but also prepare you for the future.

High School Life Extracurriculars

Although it’s believed that colleges give you the most in terms of various activities and experiences, high schools, in fact, offer no fewer opportunities to spend out-of-class time with benefits, yet having fun.

Life in high school can be just as memorable and filled with exciting events as life in college. Modern schools provide students with plenty of extracurriculars that aren’t only fun but also can prepare you for the future and look great on your application. And, since you are the only one who is writing your high school life story, all you need is to catch those opportunities.

Student Government

One exciting activity to consider is participating in the student government. Some kind of a student board can be found in pretty much every high school in America, so this is something anyone can do.

Being a part of the student government is a great way to take your life in school to the next level as it allows you to participate in everything that’s going on in school and provides plenty of networking opportunities. Besides, it will give you extra credits when you apply to college as admission committees are always impressed by proactive students with solid leadership skills.

Internships at High School

Many believe that internships and college are closely interlinked. Indeed, it’s rather hard to find someone claiming, “I’ve done my first internship during my highschool life” because most people get this chance only when in college. But, this doesn’t mean that it’s not possible. It’s just somewhat harder when you’re at school.

One of the main good things about high school is that you have almost the same opportunities as while in college, but if you pursue them early on, it’ll give you a competitive advantage. Landing an internship while still in high school can’t help but impress. Not only does it get you ready for adulthood and work, but it will also look great on your college application and resume.

Volunteering at High School

If you are looking for some truly meaningful and important extracurricular activity to bring into your highschool life, then volunteering or some kind of community service could be a perfect option.

Engaging in volunteering at high school is one of the best ways to make your future college and job applications stand out from the crowd. Also, it’s possible to combine it with something you enjoy doing. For example, if you like animals, you can volunteer at a local shelter. This way, you will help your community and really enjoy the process. Thus, volunteering might as well become your best high school memory.

A Part-Time Job at High School

If you are wondering, “What should I do with my high school life to prepare for the future,” the answer is obvious - get a part-time job. An actual job is one of the best school experiences that brings multiple benefits:

  • You become more mature and responsible;

  • You can make valuable connections;

  • You get ready to enter the workforce;

  • You acquire lots of valuable skills and hands-on experience;

  • You get some extra bucks to spend.

From whatever perspective you look at it, having a part-time job at high school has its perks. It is a perfect opportunity to get yourself ready for adult life, get some extra points during college admission, and, what’s even more exciting - make some money for personal expenses.

Sports at High School

When writing the chapter of life called “my high school experience,” one can’t avoid getting involved in some kind of sports. The sports culture is very strong in high schools, so it plays a huge role in the school life of every student.

Doing sports at high school also has many benefits. It’s good for your health and overall well-being, and it is also perfect for networking - doing sports can help you fit in into almost any community. Also, sports develop such vital qualities as teamwork, leadership, persistence, and many others. And, don’t forget that it’s a great chance to get a scholarship!

Best Facts About High School Life

After everything we’ve already said about the most beneficial and exciting extracurricular activities, let’s take a moment to look at some of the best high school things that make this chapter of each person’s life so special.

According to students themselves, here are some of the best facts about high school life that make this stage of your life great:

  • Learning something new every day;

  • Going on fun field trips;

  • Making lots of new friends;

  • Waiting for Fridays;

  • Chatting during lunch breaks;

  • Being a part of student clubs;

  • Going through first romantic experiences;

  • Attending school dances;

  • Growing up and becoming more mature;

  • Having lots of freedoms and breaks;

  • Being in sports teams;

  • Attending football and basketball games;

  • Doing science experiments in the classroom;

  • Having fun during spares;

  • Attending music classes;

  • Being a part of a marching band;

  • Going to school camps;

  • No uniforms;

  • Going to proms;

  • Having less parent control but no adult responsibilities;

  • Graduating.

All these things turn high school into a truly memorable stage of our lives and, as long as you remember to make the most of it, you will look back at these times with a smile!

And what is highschool like for you?