The disney animator board: be creative and watch the ladies

For all of my creative people who are trying to make a career with their artistic instinct, I'd like to introduce you to someone

Trent Corrie. Ottawa, boy. Algonquin College. The Three-time Animation Oscar Winner. If you've seen movies like that

Maybe you're not an animator. But that doesn't mean you don't want to be

In this case, you have to ask yourself: how can you move from a child to a child in your notebook in the Ottawa audience to win the award in your industry (several times) and work in Disney?

After a short excursion, The Walt Disney Animation Studios (OMG), Trent and I sat in the ABC cafeteria to get an idea of my journey and share some experience that someone deserved to become the creator

Here's what you can find out from Trent

"It was a passion that grew just as I learned it."

Some people start with a passion that drives them through their entire lives, at this point, in one place where they feel they belong to

Some people aren't people. If you're not one of those people, don't push the panic button until

Inspired by the artist's young mother as interior designer, Trent was a child of doodling all during the year ... until the eighth grade. Then he stopped

He went to film and communication, spent his days together with short films, and also learned about the wines and the creamers of the film. Painting looks like something far away and totally unconnected

Class 12, his teacher put two and two on it; the animation could be an ideal combination of Trent's two passions. That thought never crossed his mind before

Even then he had no plans for the future: I could have presented him as an expert in kinesiology today if the wind blew the other way

At the Algonquin College, he was awarded a volleyball scholarship. They had an animated program. Trent didn' t see any reason not to try

After registering with Trent, there were several reservations. He remembered that the school had never considered art as a space to find the actual place of work. But Trent took the initiative to start serving only a year later in school. He got a job with Mercury Filmworks in Trent's portfolio, which was posted on the Internet application

Trent was suddenly immersing in the studio that was working on the top-level animations, the design of the projects for the Walt Disney Television

Trent threw himself on a storyboard, background, animation, training, training, practice, an indication of what he could do in the animation world

After he was offered a full-time job, he decided to finish his last year in college, in which he made a complete film

" It was fun. I got it on the last day. It will click. How all of them worked together, software, how to move objects, all of them. "

It was because Trent realized that Trent understood that there was passion in him: that's what he wanted to do

Trent could have found a way to animate, but once he did, it was time for the target

He knew where he wanted to go; Walt Disney Animation

With this only purpose, he built his briefcase. He ate at the festivals, met with recruiters, formed a relationship, opened his briefcase to reviews and critics. He chose and chose his job to find out what skills he would need for his dream studio

Disney canimer offered him to study 3D animation and work on his acting. Trent got a job with Sony, which opened it to get his first animation

" I've set targets every three to six months. Even now. Every day, let' s take a look at work, think maybe we can be different, better

Sometimes there's no direct path, but you get a target, you get a place where you should be on time

Trent was interested in it when it comes to his own career

You have to spend thousands of dollars studying the creative field? Not necessarily. YouTube, on YouTube, online courses, is much easier than ever to gain access to education, not to you

Trent says it was different when he first started working, but now he could use these tools to figure out how it really inspired the animation

" You can learn your own. It's all there. "

However, Trent admitted that there was something that could be said about interaction and cooperation with your colleagues. "Learning from osmosis," he called it. He also admitted that he probably wouldn't have gotten his first job if he wasn't at school

But at the end of the day, it's all about the persistence of the individual, how much they want, and how hard they're willing to work on this portfolio every recruiter

Trent was continuously working in his briefcase. He sent the recruiters to Disney three times a year, listened to criticism and worked on his specialty

He got an internal senate from a recruiter, and then a new, "Talent Development Program." If you select this program, you will become a paid student for the next six months

There's nothing Trent wouldn't give up on that train. He had three years after the expiration. He applied three times a year after that. But the refusals kept coming. Just like the feedback. And he went back to his specialty before he applied again

Last year, last month ... he finally got his "yes."

"They want to see your height, so don't be afraid of" No ". These are the same people who look at it. They are valuable, that you grow and listen to criticism. "

Of course, it's not over. This new assignment was competitive and only a few full work orders were available at the end of six months. But Trent knew where he was going, the recruiters were well aware of it, and he did it, in safety and in sound

Something Trent wanted him to know the way before he got his dream of his dream that it wasn't always about your value or talent as an artist

Anyone who lives in creative life usually lives in this bubble of constant self-criticism and doubts. But as one of the recruiters told Trent:

"It's just a matter of time."

Sometimes it's not just that you're ready. The company must be ready, too. Now is the time and the right place

If Trent had been applied and it was too early, it might not have been good enough to get this job at the end of the program. It's too late, and maybe there was no stains

"What's keeping me is this festival, meeting with recruiters, getting feedback and using them as motivation."

If you make every effort to focus on the main goal, which is increasing with each response and criticism, it will happen

Before he knew, Tent had made him a criterion that was good enough to get him

Trent knows perfectly well how artists compete with their own perfects. It's still in inches when the big screen shows the stage he was working on

" Sitting and watching that you and the whole group of people have received instant feedback. He wasn't there this morning, and then, here he is. It's like making magic every day. "

Let us hope that magic will continue to come, for Trent, for all the viewers that are connected to it, and for all future artists

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