Canby to Replace The Maytags on IPR’s Studio One, Mar. 5

In what is turning out to look like a media blitz campaign, Canby is now replacing The Maytags on Iowa Public Radio’s Studio One live from The Basement on March 5. Convenient timing, considering the Canby spread in the current issue of Juice. Suspicious… My theory? All 300 members of Canby coordinated an attack on The Maytags’ lead man, Dustin Smith, in order to steal the spotlight! They probably used something untraceable like a new odorless poison. The ploy is so obvious! Does no one else see this? … But here’s what really happened: An injured Dustin Smith regretfully postponed (by doctor’s orders) his Studio One performance and Canby was kind enough to assemble the army to help out an ailing Studio One crew on short notice in their time of need. <3 Des Moines music If you make it over to The Basement on Friday, you get to see the whole performance with your own two eyes. Otherwise, you can always tune into Iowa Public Radio that night and hear the whole thing with your ears. And if neither of those options work for you, be patient and the whole stream of the show will be released unto the world to listen to in your car or on your low quality computer speakers or on your handheld devices. Options. March 5 7 PM The Basement Des Moines Free, All Ages Iowa Public Radio’s Studio One with Canby More information available at the Des Moines Social Club... read more

Daytrotter is Free Again!!!

After a few years of offering thousands of live sessions from bands both local and otherwise as a reasonably priced subscription service, Iowa/Illinois operation, Daytrotter, has once again announced free listening and downloads for all! Good ol’ Daytrotter, always looking out for the working man. We appreciate it! The change comes following newfound stability from the continued support of listeners all around the globe. The idea is to continue expanding that scope of listenership as Daytrotter continues to release their unique live sessions at an unceasing pace. “I always had it in my mind that it should be this way and I believe that Daytrotter is a necessity to everyone who loves music. I think we’re still doing something that is vital and important to artists and I trust that our fans will continue to support us so we can keep helping them live their dreams making music,” says Daytrotter main-man, Sean Moeller. Check ’em out! The back catalogue is more than enough listening to tie you over until, like, Summer 2020, and new sessions are going up everyday. And the whole thing was home-grown here in Iowa. I still can’t get over that Wavves session. I’ve been listening to that since... read more

More Iowa Submissions for NPR’s Tiny Desk Contest

Although the NPR Tiny Desk Contest is officially finished, and the winner decided, we’re still finding submissions to add to our already tremendous list of Iowa bands that made videos for the contest. Check out our second batch of videos, this time more on the folk side of things, below: Truckstop Souvenir – “Tired of Toein’ That Line” Jess DeWitt – “Drink, Drank, Drunk” Jef Banks – “Big... read more

Hear Iowa Bands In New Iowat Skate Video

Here at the DSM Shows offices, we’ve been looking a lot at the musical events occurring around our state, and every time we do, we find more and more incredible happenings within the Iowa music community. A lot of the time, we find Iowa music in collaboration with other cultural events enriching our state. Take the recently announced Hinterland Music Festival for instance: they plan to take advantage of their Water Works Park venue to incorporate the park’s many bike trails into the festival happenings. There were also all of the bands that submitted videos to NPR’s Tiny Desk Contest. Locals playing (anti-)Valentine’s Day parties. And now we’re seeing an incredibly incorporated all-Iowa soundtrack into the likes of a skate video! It’s all happening. The video comes courtesy of DSM Shows contributor, Bruce James Bales over at DEFT. Check out the video above and the soundtrack listing below: Curt Oren “Cautious But” Dylan Sires and Neighbors “Save My Life” The River Monks “Overture” Dana T “Goin’ Down” Dana T “Nocturnal” Land of Blood and Sunshine “Big Pygmy” The Surf Zombies “It’s a Thing” MR NASTI “Never... read more

See New Music Videos from The Vahnevants, The Maytags and More

William J. Locker – “Go Make Friends With The Crows” Although the video looks like a crisper, edgier version of something you might have seen Rick Astley in 30 years ago, I really liked this new song by local rocker William J. Locker. This is his first offering so far, but he already seems pretty confident setting his rudder in the direction of this murky mass of bluesy garage rock revival we’ve got on our hands (think Benjamin Booker, J. Roddy Walston, Parquet Courts) thanks to Jack White. I’ve got a deeply flawed and undoubtedly wrong theory that we can trace the roots of this revival all the way back to the example set by one Martin McFly and his face-melting cover of “Johnny B. Goode” in the 1985 sci-fi/comedy smash Back to the Future. The Vahnevants – “Bum Out” I’d heard the name The Vahnevants bandied about repeatedly of late with no small amount of reverence, but this represented my first exposure to their music and I really, really liked it. The goofy charm of the video perfectly complemented the scrappy, lo-fi quality of the song. FUN FACT: If you go and listen to The Vahnevant’s latest album, Bum Out!, on Bandcamp and repeatedly scroll up and down in quick succession it creates the illusion that the cover artwork is moving independently of the screen and it’s FUCKING INSANE. (unconfirmed reports indicate this illusion might also occur when you’re sober) [Editor’s Note: Sober. Confirmed.] Dylan Sires & Neighbors – “Good Ol’Boy” This new song from Dylan Sires & Neighbors really kind of struck a chord with me. It’s... read more

Gov. Brandstad Proposes $26M in Iowa NEXT Funding

Though he has some strange views on same-sex marriage and women’s rights, Governor Brandstad seems to have at least one thing right in supporting a more culturally rich Iowa. In his recent State of the State address (they couldn’t come up with a better name?), the Gov announced a new initiative to set aside $26 million in grants to be offered to individuals and groups creating and promoting ” local and regional quality of life projects that support cultural, natural and recreational community enhancement priorities across Iowa.” S’far as I’m concerned, that means Iowa wants to give me $$$ to throw kick ass concerts around our fair city. My answer: I would love to! It doesn’t appear that gay and lesbian individuals will be excluded from applying for these grants either, so here is what I propose: a giant mural in the heart of downtown, which can be seen from the windows of every banking and insurance building comprising our Des Moines skyline, depicting a number of gay couples holding hands, kissing, and tying the knot. Because seriously, we’re all humans here, ya know. Check out the details of the proposal over at the Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs website. And if you think it seems legit, you can follow the links on the web page to contact a legislator and show your support of the Iowa NEXT proposal. Don’t worry, they make it really easy for you. Thanks to the unstoppable Rachel Buse over at Art Beacon Des Moines for the tip on this one. Sign up for her newsletter and things like this are sent directly to your... read more

First Fleet Announces Hinterland Music Festival in July

hinterland [hin-ter-land]: The land behind a river. The rural area near a city. A backwater. Holy smokes! This one came out of left field. Following just outside of the wake this year’s 80-35 is sure to leave, the Hinterland Music Festival will be debuting its offerings July 31 through August 1 in Water Works Park (!). Talk about a great place for an outdoor festival. I’ll have to dust off my picnic basket and quilt. I heartell Mr. Summers over at First Fleet was shooting from the hip on this one, booking most of the lineup first and deciding to worry about the details of, ya know, where and how the festival will actually occur, later. I think it’s the exact opposite approach from the 80-35 crew who are still staying hush-hush on any details about this year’s lineup. And he really knocked it out of the park with the Hinterland lineup. Check it out: “Old Crow Medicine Show — American roots prodigies and festival favorites — join forces with enigmatic indie folksters Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros to headline Hinterland’s inaugural year. Alt-country songstress Brandi Carlile, synth pop darlings Future Islands, indie stalwarts TV on the Radio and the bluegrass wizardry of Yonder Mountain String Band further strengthen the bill, along with the electrifying Southern soul of St. Paul & The Broken Bones and the introspective folk of Joe Pug. Four additional acts will be announced soon, with set times being released in April.” Thinking about TV on the Radio in the middle of Water Works Park, the downtown skyline at my back, is almost more than I can bear. Presale tickets will be available on Friday, February 20,... read more

Maximum Ames to Reissue Brooks Strause’s “Dead Animals”

There are music labels around our fine globe which serve to document specific trends, scenes, genres, and moments in our musical history. In this regard, labels themselves play a part in contextualizing the music that is released under their monikers. Awesome Tapes From Africa comes to mind, which is a reissue label/blog run by some dude that travels around Africa picking clean the dusty music corners of the continent’s marketplaces and thrift stores, and then reintroduces the otherwise forgotten music into the parts of the world that may have never otherwise had the opportunity to hear it upon its initial release. Taking this to a much smaller and local scale, Ames/Boone label, Nova Labs, has been releasing and reissuing Iowa music from the past decade or so since they started, and now Maximum Ames, which consistently releases some of our state’s best music, is getting into the re-ish (<–cool way of saying reissue) game with their announcement of the vinyl treatment they are giving Brooks Strause‘s rowdy 2009 album, Dead Animals. The reissue includes remixed and remastered versions of the original tracks and a bonus 7″ with four additional recordings to wear down with that thrift store record player of yours. You really ought to take the time to replace the needle on that thing, ya know. Pre-orders are now open over at the Maximum Ames... read more

Iowa Submissions for NPR’s Tiny Desk Contest

I have been a devotee of the Tiny Desk Concert lifestyle ever since they introduced me to Gogol Bordello and, in particular, their shambolic rendition of the gritty liquor-drenched love song, “Alcohol”, that was featured in, arguably, the most infamous episode of the series. Maybe I’m just one of those weirdos who will read any article that has “Iowa” in the title, but I feel like we’ve been getting more and more recognition on the national level as something that stands out from the wide swath of “boring” that most people think of when they think of the Midwest. From the good (the Iowa Writers Workshop on HBO’s Girls), the bad (Joni Fucking Ernst giving the Republican response to the SOTU), or the ugly (Chris Soules on ABC’s The Bachelor), our beautiful little state is making headlines all over the place. NPR recently announced their Tiny Desk Contest, inviting basically anyone and everyone musically inclined to submit a short video of them performing a song at a desk. Any desk. Oak, pine, metal, Ikea. It’s all fair game. The contest was yet another opportunity for our state to shine and I could not be more ecstatic to see all these great local artists doing their part, so I thought I’d compile a list of all of the Iowa submissions I could drum up, in case you weren’t as obsessively on top of this as I was… In Rooms – “Falling Darling” I’ve been seeing their name all over the place as I’ve started exploring the local scene, and I think they might have a couple tracks on Bandcamp, but... read more

Daytrotter’s Best Songs of 2014

So, I think they moved to the other side of the Mississippi River, so I can’t really drop a bunch of home-state affections anymore, such as “My Corn-Fed Homies” or “Fertile Soil Brethren” when talking about Daytrotter. But the idea was conceived and launched here in our Iowa borders, and they still maintain a certain loyalty to Iowa musicians within their unceasing pace of producing their live sessions, so I gotta rep them like family. SO, I wanted to let you know they posted something like 1200 sessions in 2014, resulting in nearly 5000 new songs added to their already stellar archives. I, for one, don’t really even see how that’s possible. That’s like four sessions a day. And I doubt these bands are coming in and recording 3-5 songs in only two hours, so where the Daytrotter staff finds the time for all of it is anyone’s guess. In addition to all of that, them folks still managed to find time to handpick their favorite 300 songs from Daytrotter sessions this year, and they put together a nice looking list of which you can pretty much press play and tune it/out as you see fit. Don’tcha just love list season? Check it out over at the Daytrotter website, and see how many Iowa bands you can find in the list.  ... read more

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