Des Moines today is the best it has ever been. Tomorrow it will be even better. It’s a matter of ratio. As a population grows, so too does its music culture. This means, on any given night, there is more music to experience here now than ever before.

We’re just trying to keep up. So, we’ve collected a group of individuals here to create a resource from our shared interests, with one goal in mind; to bolster a thriving community of musicians and concert-goers. With this purpose in mind, we seek only to promote and inform.

We want to provide a comprehensive calendar of musical events shaping our local culture. Primarily, this means letting you know about concerts, but also includes new releases, artist updates, and venue news. If there is anything we’ve missed, contact us.

With the support of our city’s growing community, we hope to paint a more complete picture of this time in Des Moines music history, providing an interested audience with the resources they need to support and contribute to our growing local scene.


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