Cubits “Oh Well That Ends Well”

Cubits “Oh Well That Ends Well”

Lately, language has been failing me. I have been facing experiences and profundities whose lessons seem too complex to ever be described through something as reductive as words.

After all, human emotional response certainly came before language, and while literature can help us shape our understanding, the basic determination of whether or not a particular experience fits into our worldview occurs before the words we use to explain why.

Music history is rooted in this preverbal understanding. Rhythm has always had an energizing effect on listeners, while classical techniques elicited emotions from audiences for thousands of years before lyrics were added to direct them.

Considering my own recent experiences into the nonverbal realms buried deep by evolution in the crevices of the brain, I’ve found myself really disconnected from lyric-based music. Hearing the attempts of contemporary musicians to frame otherwise naturally occurring emotions using the same worn-out metaphors of nature’s operation has seemingly run its course on these old, tired ears.

So, when the first single, “Oh Well That Ends Well”, from the new Fairfield-based electronic-tinged shoegaze trio, Cubits, started kicking its way around the ol’ WWW, I was reminded of instrumental-based music’s ability to explore and rediscover these old musical concepts. The subtle electronic production that starts and builds underneath the track lifts the whole song into transitory realms where the distant guitar melodies collect and swirl like low-hanging fog.

In fact, the song’s only lyrics, “I’m okay / In a way / I’m okay / Far away”, just further the song’s wandering, searching qualities, without oversimplifying the emotions involved in its capacity for self-discovery.

“Oh Well That Ends Well” is the first song from the band’s debut EP, due out this winter. Take your fingers off of the keyboard, press play, and let Cubits softly carry you into realms of experience prior to the weight of words.

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