Liz de Lise at The Basement, Sept. 21

Liz de Lise at The Basement, Sept. 21

Liz de Lise recently put out a self-titled album that is pretty damn compelling, and as much as I think you for sure should go listen to it (and in particular “Meat From Bone” and “Clouds Up Ahead”), I really think the thing to do to make sure you get your ass at this concert is watch their video for The Key, a Philadelphia musical publication.

Watching them perform “Baby” as part of The Key’s Studio Sessions video series, even on my tiny little glowing screen, was a thrilling experience from start to finish. From the very first chord you are reminded of how precarious and delicate the process of performing live music can be.

The recklessness with which these two musicians pursue their vision serves as a constant reminder that, at any moment, this whole thing could just fall apart. It almost seems like they’re piloting their song as close to that edge as possible just for the rush.

In a lot of ways, their performance reminded me of seeing Furious 7 in theaters last summer. There’s this really great scene about 40-ish minutes in after the late great Paul Walker (RIP) has finally beat up all the bad dudes on this bus that was transporting the hacker, Ramsey, when he realizes that the bus is headed straight for the cliff. He manages to roll the bus and it stops short of falling off, but the cockpit of the bus, in which he is trapped, is dangling several feet from the edge.

Miraculously he is able to exit through one of the side doors, and, as the bus gradually begins to slip and fall off the edge of the cliff, he is able to run down the side and jump off the back at which point Michelle Rodriguez’s car does a cool spin move thingy and she manages to swing the rear bumper of her car over the edge of the cliff so that Paul can grab it and avoid his untimely demise (in the film at least; it’s been a long day without you, my friend).

That little spin move thingy that Michelle Rodriguez does with her car? That’s Liz de Lise playing “Baby.” It’s a deft and brazen thing, requiring both dexterity and cunning, a clear-eyed vision and a sense of wild abandon. It is all crescendo and climax, something that needs to be not just heard or seen, but felt, to be believed.


Philadelphia based Liz de Lise will play The Basement at the Des Moines Social Club on September 21. She is currently on tour in support of her wandering pop-tinged self-titled debut album. The show will be opened by local support, Patresa Hartman and Noremac McCarthy.

September 21
6 PM
The Basement
All Ages

Liz de Lise
Patresa Hartman
Noremac McCarthy

More information available from the Des Moines Social Club website.

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