Mumford’s, The Maytags, Twins, Wheelers at Maximum Ames Music Festival, Sept. 18

Mumford’s, The Maytags, Twins, Wheelers at Maximum Ames Music Festival, Sept. 18

When a local group of people create an entity with the purpose of changing their community, you can always tell they’ve succeeded when the entity becomes the focus of scrutiny by said community.

From the festival’s start in 2011 until now you can see its growth. Some years, the lineups have really impressed and some years have been a little less desirable. That is the cycle of a music festival. It’s all a juggle of who’s available and within your budget.

I was living in Ames when I first heard that my friends, Nate Logsdon and Chris Lyng, were going to start the Maximum Ames Music Festival. Both Nate and Chris play in the well-known Ames band, Mumford’s.

It was a powerful time for the Ames music scene and the festival really raised the bar from year one. The idea that your friends and creative contemporaries could have a wild idea of putting on a music festival of that scale and then see them put it into action and have it succeed is amazing and empowering.

But there is one specific show at MAMF that brings the thunder EVERY year. On Sunday, the last day of the festival, at a quaint towny bar called Deano’s on Main St., Mumford’s host a last hoorah of sorts. This year Mumford’s have been joined by The Wheelers (who have been joining Mumford’s for this show many years in a row now) as well as heartbreakers, The Maytags, and Waterloo power-pop outfit, Twins.

Not only will this be an action-packed evening of fun and friends, but it’ll be one for the record books as Mumford’s have announced they will be recording their set for a live album. If you’ve seen Mumford’s before then you know the energy that erupts at their shows (not unlike the Poison Control Center shows of years past).

They’ve even announced the names of some of the songs they plan on presenting that night. Lucky for me, on that list is my current favorite Mumford’s song, “It’s the Police”.


September 18
8 PM
Deano’s (Ames)

The Wheelers
The Maytags

More information available from the Maximum Ames Music Festival website.

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