Karen Meat “On The Couch” Video

Karen Meat “On The Couch” Video

After pulling some love from both Stereogum and The Grey Estates, Karen Meat & The Computer have now premiered the music video for their upcoming 7″ single, “On The Couch”.

The video (by our own Bruce James Bales of DEFT) features the Karen Meat crew doing, well, pretty much exactly what they do: shooting hoops, hanging out, and killing time. It’s one of those straight-forward videos which doesn’t take itself too seriously and really just gets straight to the childlike simplicity of things before “What are you doing with your life?” was ever a question on anyone’s mind.

Also, I don’t think they sink a basket at any point during the video which is a perfect detail considering the band’s slacker vibes and penchant for sitting around on the couch.

Watch the video below, and read details on Karen Meat & The Computer’s 7″ (courtesy of Des Moines-based Sump Pump Records) release party below below.



June 3
7:30 PM
Vaudeville Mews

Karen Meat & The Computer (7″ Release)
Land of Blood and Sunshine
Dana Telsrow
Odd Pets

More information available here.

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