Workerbee Records Announces Ugly Singles Club

Workerbee Records Announces Ugly Singles Club

Quietly killing it up in Ames, Iowa, Workerbee Records has been a major contributor in the physical realm of local music. In the past few year alone, the label has been responsible for a grip of excellent Iowa music compilations, as well as releases by local names like Nate Logsdon and Goldblums (among others).

Those busy bees always have something new in the works, and this time they’ve really stepped up their game with the Ugly Singles Club. Riding in the merchandising wake of things like albums on USB drives that could be worn as necklaces, Workerbee has tastefully announced a new line of buttons for your denim jacket, hat, backpack, etc.

Each button comes packaged with a download code for an otherwise unreleased EP or single. Then we can all wear our buttons and walk around and give each other nods of appreciation for supporting local music, big and small. Or you can just flip that shit on eBay for 400% profit. Supply and demand, bitches.

The Ugly Singles Club is kicking off March 25 (that’s today) with a release from France’s Double Cheese, and will be followed by something really grimy and good from our own The Vahnevants.

See the label’s own handwritten Ugly Singles Club guide below for more information.



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