The 2015 Halloween Show Shortlist

The 2015 Halloween Show Shortlist

Bloodbath: A Halloween Rap Battle, Des Moines Social Club, 9 PM

First off, let’s all just stop and consider how great it is that our city now hosts rap battles. Bloodbath will throw a bunch of young guns against each other among the eerie lamplight of The Basement. Closing the event will be Des Moines hip-hop mainstays, MarKaus, Gadema, and Lottobandz.

Gozer-Ween, Crane Artist Lofts, 8 PM

The Crane will be laying down some serious ritual throwback vibes to a time when parties were thrown on the blood-stained dirt of the sacrificial aftermath. Seeing as how the entire Crane building is just a huge incubator with artists and weirdos alike, this full floor party is likely to be a real killer. Anyway, Person Whale is playing and that’s usually reason enough to go anywhere.

Spewfest, Vaudeville Mews, 8 PM

This year, the Vaudeville Mews moved their usual Misfits Karaoke Halloween Party to Friday, the 30th, making room for Spewfest! This night of music is bringing a pretty wide reaching bill of Des Moines music, throwing sewer punk of Goldblums and The Vahnevants against an eerie array of electronic acts including DJ DJ TANNER, Annalibera, Night Stories, and Haunted Gauntlet.

Grateful for Dead Moines 2, Wooly’s, 8 PM

Labeling itself the “Hippie Halloween”, Wooly’s is making their jam band Halloween intentions clear. After all, the event name is some kind of strange combination of a Grateful Dead reference and the name of our city. This being the second annual Grateful for Dead Moines, it’s looking like this one might stick around for a few years.

Halloween Bash 2015, Lefty’s, 9 PM

Lefty’s is definitely cornering the market on the rawk show this Halloween. Holy White Hounds don’t take shows lightly in general, so considering the holiday here, I can’t imagine they’ll be turning the dials to anything but 11. Locals, The Fuss and The Other Brothers, will open the show with Red Daughters of Minneapolis.

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