Gloom Balloon to Release Cassette on Maximum Ames Records

Gloom Balloon to Release Cassette on Maximum Ames Records

You guys, I’ve been saying it for years: the cassette tape is making a huge comeback. Ok, actually its a pretty small comeback in the grand scheme of things, but now there are so many people on the Earth that everything is nostalgia. So, let’s all stop trying to cover up our strange obsessions and collections still lingering from childhood, and just allow ourselves to geek out about all of our nonsense to other people without getting all embarrassed. Yes, I think your VHS collection is great. Yes, I think it’s cool that you still have the first three Pokemon card game sets in plastic sheets in a binder that you consciously chose to move into your new apartment with you. And yes, your boxes of old 8-tracks are amazing to me.

You should see my tape collection. Ridiculous. And it’s about to get bigger with the recently-announced, ass-kicking, Guinness-sipping, Irish-kissing, St. Patrick (Tape Fleming?)’s Day release of the first-ever cassette tape on Maximum Ames Records: Gloom Balloon’s Songs that Couldn’t Swim (A Collection of Demos)!

Oh, cassette tapes. What joy you bring me with your warm hum and naturally occurring filter and phaser effects as the magnetic tape begins to degrade over time.

Pre-orders are open now. Stay tuned for our review of Songs that Couldn’t Swim. I’ll probably let Casey write it up. He looooves Gloom Balloon.

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